Effective, adaptable HK L-137-containing Feed LP20 — developed by House Wellness Foods for livestock and fisheries as an alternative to antibiotics, and to improve immune function and production

Immunobiotics over Antibiotics

Feed LP20, featuring its primary ingredient HK L-137, is allowing professionals to advance beyond the controversial use of antibiotics. Beyond their expense, antibiotics present twin dangers. In livestock they induce infectious disease agents to mutate, making them ineffective and warranting increased medication. This overuse spills into the human food chain, where its presence has deleterious and unpredictable effects on consumers. Immunobiotics are naturally-occurring microorganisms that bolster the animal’s own immune response, adding nothing unnatural or unwanted to the stock or the environment. Animals gain weight, live longer, and reproduce in greater number.

Narezushi, a source of nutrition in Southeast Asia contains L-137

HK L-137: The Foundation of Feed LP20

Built upon knowledge both ancient and currently undergoing renewed and intense scientific scrutiny, HK L-137 is Lactobacillus plantarum; heat-killed to advance its properties; first isolated from narezushi, a source of nutrition in Southeast Asia from ages past that owes its benefit to a precise process of fermentation. Feed LP20 is 20% HK L-137, and the remaining 80% dextrin.

The HK stands for heat-killed. Why?

Heat-treated, nonviable HK L-137 is more resistant to severe external conditions, such as high temperatures, and can be stored with no decrease in effectiveness over time. Moreover, it is unaffected by contact with digestive juices, giving it utmost bioavailability.

Significantly better than other dietary microorganisms Feed LP20 IL-12 production
Immuno-biotics Feed LP20

Immunobiotic vs. Probiotic

Probiotics, which improve intestinal flora, are a modern staple of human supplementation. Immunobiotics are lactobacilli with a similar form and function, but geared to improving immune response. In clinical study and field observation Feed LP20 has demonstrated superior activity to induce IL-12 production, which in turn improves growth, disease immunity, and stress resistance, as well as lowering mortality in livestock and aquaculture populations, at amounts as low as 20 ppm.

Feed LP20 Key Features




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✓ Supports immunity

✓ Anti-inflammatory

✓ Effective at extremely low concentration

cattle cow dairy beef pigs piglets swine fowls chickens cocks hens chicks broiler

✓ A rigorously-earned reputation for safety, effectiveness

✓ Counterpart
in human use since the start of the century

✓ U.S. S/A GRAS status since 2009

Stability long shelf life Feed LP20

✓ Easy handling, long shelf life

✓ Stable even at room temperature

✓ Holds potency in challenging environments

✓ Resists breakdown in the gastric system

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